First attorney was nice and responsive...case went a year and we didnt hear from her. Called numerous times to no avail, then after abouth the 10th time, we called the 24 hour line to find out she was no longer there.

No one notified us, no letter, no call. Then we get an attorney who doesnt answer his calls, nor his receptionist. Made 3 complaints to the complaint department and they couldnt reach him either! Partner just fired him after the lawyer finally called and stated "I have been sick, you don't know what I have been going thru" 14 months of no progress!

I think M &M are too big and cant handle any more than the cases they have. Lesson learned, should have went with the twins.

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Morgan and Morgan should Change their slogan for the people to FOR the MONEY .com

to Leo #1537285

Yes, they are NOT for the people, but as much as i complain it wont matter

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