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Morgan and Morgan came out to my home they never took pictures they never did a full investigation they sent me to one doctor did not send me for any second opinions did not help me through the process they made an offer on my case of $300,000 without telling me until after the counter offer of 30,000 was made by Progressive Insurance progressive insurance kept them on the defense the whole time the only time they were actually ready for court they decided to cancel the court date because they needed more information on whether or not the brakes failed by the fault of the Driver or mechanically all in all we’re going to Morgan was not very prepared and when it came down to it they tried to force me into a settlement of under 200,000 on 1,000,000 1/2 dollar case they said they did not want to go up against progressive and lose therefore for the people is not for the people it’s for the money all of the *** they talk about discs herniated and future problems they know all about that but they are not willing to help and then in the end when they tell you they receive nothing if they do not win your case that is only referring to the attorney because they put a $30,000 lien on my case for work that had been done so you do end up paying in the end it is not free if they do not win When we couldn’t agreed to go to court they decided to go to court and recite irreconcilable differences as a reason for dropping my case because they did not want to take the chance on losing to progressive they act like they are a big strong company with plenty of money and big lawyers and fight big companies and do what’s right for you and in the end it’s all about them I would never hire them again they are lazy they do not do the work they are supposed to and they only want the quick and easy money

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