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My experience with m&m is the worst. I have a car accident with my husband and I call them after hear so much about them in tv and radio I make the worst mistake ever.

After 6 month and a bunch of lies the case manager comunicated we my husband said that his case was good and after his operation he was looking for 250 k jajaja lies they told him 3 month later the insurance was offering 100k not more my husband accept cuz we was in really bad situation (my husband loose his job cuz he have to have the operation) we talk to them to see if was possible to do something about it they told us they couldn't do nothing I also loose my job because I didn't have transportation. Anyway my husband sign the settlement for 100k m&m give my husband only 25k from it said he have to pay all the bills and their fees( call, gas, papers, 33.3% etc) my husband also have 10k from his on insurance to pay bills but m & m said they didn't want to pay (lies) my husband insurance did give them the 10k. Worse and worse from my part of my case nothing. After almost a year the C.M call said finally the insurance want to pay me.

Well when send me the settlement the insurance want to pay only 10k ( if I do the suit my self I could make the same amount but I didn't know then I could do it my self) anyway from the 10k I receive only 5k cuz they charge me again for all the fees included the 33.3 % that they was already charge for my husband case. M&M

devide the case with out let us know to charge done fee. They are not for the people they are a bunch of liyers and theaf. They don't communicate with the client until is time to get their money, i never.

meeting my lawyer the one call was the case manager. He never explain to me nothing and they took desition with out my consent. He told me they never divide the case was the insurance and he lie they did divide the case that way the could charge doble for the same case. I don't recommend M&M to not one they are l Wtf yers and theaf.

Not for the people for their packet.

Bad lawyers. *** Angry

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