My husband was involved in a truck accident we had to discontinue Morgan & Morgan I was going down the road yesterday evening and her there commercial once again that they want to help you and your family and get your dignity back well we was totally let down we had to do the footwork we almost lost our home we were literally going hungry our bills were being cut off such as utilities and water they really did not assist us or really try in any matter but as I was going down the road and was thinking about what the commercial said about getting your dignity back where I had to literally go out and beg and ask people to help myself my five year old daughter and my husband for food and a help with our bills because they were cut off talk about losing your dignity and self-respect but having to also set your pride aside we were totally let down I have been embarrassed and humiliated by having to go out to the streets and ask hundreds of people on a daily basis just to help with it was just helping us with food to eat their commercial is a lie it was for my family and myself a total letdown we now have a new lawyer Corey B trotz which is willing to go the extra mile to help my family they told us that there were other revenues to take explain to us even sent an investigator out to our home to privately sit down and go over what could be done a drunk driver that hit my husband in the rear of his tractor trailer he was seriously injured and hurt from the neck down the lady had no insurance but was driving a brand new car Morgan & Morgan never did go over any alternatives will call or informed us that there was other revenues that we could say then other than just going after insurance to pay for my husband's pain and suffering the mental stress that it is called on our family I hope in the future that Morgan & Morgan can comply with their promises that they make on their commercials and their advertisements for the sake of suffering families that are in our position good luck to those who choose for Morgan & Morgan to represent them not only that a neighbor of mine had hired Morgan & Morgan for a case for them as well and lost the case and actually had the nerve to pay him $250 to go on a commercial and lie and say that they won a case for him Morgan & Morgan used to be a great Law Firm to go with I don't know what the problem is now but they are not for the people that they claim to be

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan And Morgan Commercial.

Location: Horn Lake, Mississippi

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