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I was going to a shopping store and bought meat for a lodge in Okeechobee the store was in Indian town so I saw someone who was outside so I walked up to talk to him and as I was leaving the person and walking away I fell into a 5 inch hole and suffered a shoulder injury so I hired them to help me well let me tell u guys all I got was a horrible lawyer she didn't do anything but lied on all the things she said she had done for my case no depos no pics of the hole nothing she said she had an investigator do it ok so we never got calls from her to tell us what's going on with my case she didn't care she was stupid very much so !!!!!! So our next step was mediation well it was not good she never took any pictures like she said she never took depos from any one meanwhile the other side did I need two maybe three sergerys on my shoulder she was in the room and made her opening but it wasn't my case she was reading after she realized she did this she said sorry than proceeded to read yet another case a I told her it's not my case we'll she wore a wrinkle shirt way to small for her with a big stain down her shirt and a mini mini skirt that a *** would wear really OMG and that was way to to to short she wore pink pantys mmmmthan knowing she was not doing well o not sick just plain stupid really so we went on with it I have two hundred thousand dollars in medical bills and the other lawyer was pissed and he had a right to be he yelled at her and she crawled in *** and than to my surprise she took the othersides side yup I wasn't good enough to help I guess she said there was high class and I was at the bottom low class mmmmwe go an offer of 3.500 dollars yup three thousand five hundred dollars I fired her today my new lawyer sent her a letter that she was fired and she still sent me papers but they didn't come out right so I couldn't read them my lawyer told her to not contact me but she did anyway so be very careful of this form by the way I'm sueing Morgan and Morgan now for her job and a million dollars yup be very careful of this form they say for the people ha ha ha no for them maybe we'll it's the little people like me who made them what they are PLEASE beware of this form you will lose your case with them

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