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I hired Morgan and Morgan for a SSDI claim. Hired 2016 .

You will never have contact with Attorney. Went to hearing 2018. Had never met Attorney and then he reviewed case for less than 30 minutes. Did not represent me in the hearing.

Attorney was more focus on it was his birthday and the judge had ran 2 hours behind on other cases. I am now waiting on review by Appeal and only contact I had was the Appeal filing and it was with Admin Assistant.

Very disappointed because they claim is For the people but they are not for the client. Dont hired this company you will be unhappy

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Your case and situation sounds like mines. I hired 2016 also and that was my attorney problem and situation with judge.

It has been 4 years and attorney no longer works for them and they don't want to file with Federal. Advised me to hire someone else. What a waste.

Don't hired. Deserve a Zero

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