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Called Morhan anM organ. I had a life debilitating work claim.

And needed a knee replacement aftrr two operations my knee wont bend past 45 degrees and now have RSD in my knee. I have to walk with a cane and will be in extreem pain for the rest of my life.The pharmacuticail companys knee has a malfuction. I called M&M the rep who awnsered the phone had me tell the the whole story. Then said they were intrested in the case never sent the report to an attorny to be reviewed just shut me down.

They know if they go after a pharmacuticail company its going to be a long drawn out prossess. And there goi g against the best lawyers in the country. I dont beleave there capable of handling a real law suit. M&M only want easy payoff cases car wrecks or class action suits thats prity much a done deal, easy money.

They flood the market with cheap payed first year lawyers that get easy garenteed payoffs and that how tjey make thete money. Like penny stock. You can get any lawyer in the yellow pages working out of a back room that can do the same thig as Morgan and Morgan. There motto For the people is the biggest joke.

Seems Morgan And Morgan can only handle easy cases with quick easy money. Just use the yellow pages with a small cheep attorney youll save a lot of money.

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