I am so tired of hearing Morgan & Morgan toot their horn about how they fight for you. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!!

I was hit by a drunk driver Labor Day Weekend of 2017. My misguided intuition led me to contact Morgan & Morgan. I only received emails from the paralegal and didn't hear from my attorney...a Mr. Roach...until I fired him.

My 2012 Toyota Camry was totaled and my back was jacked up for a while. I still have the occasional backache. I was told by the paralegal that my case was staffed and they would only be able to recover $42,000. They didn't even think about litigating for me.

So after they took their 30% I would have been left with $29,400. That would have bought a new car for me and I would have OWED money in medical bills. I FIRED Morgan & Morgan and hired Farah & Farah. They got the full amount of the policy from the drunk driver and Morgan & Morgan put a lien on my settlement for all the work (ha ha ha) they did.

They wanted over $6,000 for gathering paperwork. They wouldn't even share that with my new attorney at Farah & Farah. So Farah & Farah got my medical bills reduced....talked the sub par attorneys at Morgan & Morgan down to half of what they were trying to steal from me...AND my attorney at Farah & Farah took that amount out of his share of my settlement. Farah & Farah really did fight for me.

So next time you hear an ad from Morgan & Morgan don't buy into it. They talk about a free consultation...DUH...any personal injury attorney does that. They tell you to fire your attorney if they aren't measuring up but DON'T tell you that if they are fired they will come after your settlement for what little to no work they did. They have offices everywhere and treat their clients like some assembly line product that they turn out after making marks on a minimal checklist.

They do the tiniest amount of work to get money for them and get you out they door. My attorney and paralegal at Farah & Farah talked to me once a week and sometimes even more. With the money I got back I was able to get a brand new car, Lasik surgery, and plenty left over to pay my bills, and take a nice long vacation to see my parents....still had some left over.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the firm of Morgan & Morgan. If I could give them a negative star rating I so would.

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan And Morgan Car Accident Legal Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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