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Call morgan&Morgan, they put me on the phone with a nurse, yes that's what I said, a nurse. Not a lawyer. She ask me questions about my fall while I was a patient in the hospital being treated for something else, when I fell and had to get 6 Staples in my head. After about 5 times of her putting me on hold, she told me that Morgan would not take the case, I ask why, she said they don't share the reasons. Morgan and Morgan for the people, my *** That should be there slogan.

I was behind John Morgan on his campaign for legal marjiuna. His firm is so hipacrdical.

Robert Molesse ( on disability)

407 715 1752

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That is my concern now. I have a pending case with them and I am praying that they dump it.

I need money right away because I had to pay $2000 down payment on another used car out of my student loan money...

money I need for expenses. They are going to milk the clock on the doctor visits.


They will only take cases they know will settle out of court, my belief is they have no clue how to litigate a case so if that's involved they will not take the case. You are much better off if they did take the case you wouldn't hear from your attorney in months and no one will return your calls and after you fire them and get another attorney they will want payment for doing 0.

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