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So i have a friend that called to get help on a job called World of coffee on 535 spa and resort. It's a mini mall gets very busy, well the owner work us an my friend 80 to 100 hours a week without time and a half on top of that we made tips for serving clients but we cannot keep it real had to turn in a tip jar that none of us ever go to the keep and and he took the money and pay those in the end with it for a paychecks at the end of the week to my knowledge is very legal store owner cannot take her tips that we are in for serving a customer on top of that he has all you nobody in that store can send it to it he listens to all his customers private conversations he pays on the table usually and you only use your hires immigrants but we interviewed and hired because our food court across the parking lot shut down temporary cuz it's there's new owners in the remodeling so we needed a job he heard how hard we work so we worked we took it with a grain of salt he treated the employees like where less than human and the ladies worst and we never got days off most of us drop a lot of weight cause we never got breaks even after a twelve hour shift. So im speaking out for my friend cause he reach out for help to morgan and morgan and you tell him he lucky to even have a job and that he dumb.

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