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"Below is the email I received following my private information I submitted to this law firm. This email was received the next day."

We have received your information and are ready to help you!

Unfortunately, we have not been able to reach you. We understand that deciding to file for Social Security benefits can be frustrating and stressful. The good news is we can make it easy.

In order to help you we must be able to reach you. Please contact us at (844) 577-5514.


Morgan & Morgan


(844) 577-5514

"TO: Morgan and Morgan

Please revised your email to say something (less misleading) LIKE. The good news is we can make it easy for you IF YOUR CONSULTATION IS ACCEPTABLE TO OUR GREEDY AND LAZY LAWFIRM. Oh I'm sorry. I mean The good news is we can make it easy for you if your consultation is acceptable to our law firm."

"After asking me if I am still working, I replied Yes. The guy returns to the phone then tells me They are not able to help me, they are not saying that I don't have a case but they won't be able to help me. Must be that I said that I am working. I am wondering do Morgan and Morgan (For The People) give out loans or charity to help people like myself keep a roof over there head or keep their only transportation during what could be a 4 year waiting period for a decision. I'm clearly disabled due to chronic dvt in which blood thinners don't work among other issues. These people seem to expect you to lose everything I suppose in order to get something that is rightfully yours. So much for fighting for the people. I'm more confidant now due to my ongoing issues and specialists reports..I decided I really should save my little percentage from any other attorneys, I need it more then them. Clearly, this company is not entirely for the people or they would of ask, how long have you been working? Are you working FT or PT? A better consultation should have been discussed but all things happens for its reasons. I'm so glad I read these reviews!

It's upsetting because many people have real issues out here, we don't need no run around and talking and dealing with our personal matters is enough on anyone's mind/life.

Morgan & Morgan

Please REVISE your email response to not mislead people. I gave enough information in my first response in which a decision should of been made to consult with me or not. Your email clearly is misleading and NO ONE CALLED ME! Oh by the way I have not worked since I left the hospital but I thought that was cold and stupid on your end and therefore won't be giving you any of my business nor will I refer anyone but share this cruel business practices until I know they have REVISED their response and made it Clear to others concerning what I mentioned above. #misleadingEmail

People do your research and read reviews. It might be better to work with someone who is smaller or attempting to maintain a good name for themselves or their company. They will value you as a person with a commodity they need.

I LossMuchRespect for these people and their Firm.

What a horrible experience!

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan And Morgan Social Security Disability Legal Service.

Reason of review: Misleading Email Response.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Morgan And Morgan Pros: Reputation via televised.

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Was thinking about their services but after all those bad reviews no way. Thanks people for your great reviews.

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