I saw an advertisement by Mike Morgan on Workers Compensation that was exceptional and made me want an attorney like that for my Workers Comp case. Oh, I DID hire Morgan and Morgan for my case after rupturing discs in my back and a failed spinal fusion breaking up a fight at school.

However, the ad is a complete fabrication and comical of actuality in my case. I have attempted to get a sensible or any response over the 12 years. They thought "the rest of my life" was worth less than $50,000 with no benefits and loss of ability to earn a living. That was 2007 that my attorney took easy money and discarded me and family as Morgan and Morgan and Henry Mowry human detritus into financial ruin.

I trusted my attorney and he did not give honesty and integrity to defend me against the giant of the school system. I was forced to retire and take Social Security at 62 years old taking a huge hit in pension and SS. They cost me and my family a realistic quality of life in old age; 24/7 pain and neuropathy, PTSD, bankrupt, refinancing the house rather than lose it and to pay bills over the years, 4 times. This exacerbated my wife's heart condition to quadruple bypass.

Huge ongoing medical bills for back and associated pain never ending treatments is all I got from Morgan. I was left crippled and Morgan and Mowry did not tell me the truth, but I am. I pray for you John Morgan and the evil you have done to me and my family.

I have tried to get your attention, I have the documents and you ignore me having used me and my back to boost yourself. Shame on you and your cartel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan And Morgan Legal Service.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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