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Morgan And Morgan - Dumb *** can't handle simple

my daughter's broken leg as passenger in car legal secretary's handling case ask same questions over and over its been 6 months my daughters settling for no money almost and they cant get that right the driver got a ticket know THE twits calling asking if she was driving they hire incompetent legal aids overwork them and only handle big cases with actual legal lawyers they suck
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Morgan And Morgan Claim
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Morgan And Morgan - Very disappointed

I had a case with my employer who was charging me time and I wasn’t getting paid, I had all the documentation, I contacted Morgan and Morgan, presented everything I had. After 2 1/2 weeks they said that they wouldn’t handle my case cause it was too small of a case which the amount was $1,300.00 and I should just go to small claims. So they lie with. They are NOT FOR THE PEOPLE, like they say, I highly would NEVER recommend them ever. They ONLY WANT big money cases.
Morgan And Morgan Claim
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