I injured my neck at Disney. I nearly broke it and Morgan & Morgan let the time frame just run out without negotiating with them or taking them to court.

I had a case a good case and they dropped the ball. They promised that they were going to move forward with it and then I had a good case and then did nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan And Morgan Legal Service.

Location: 201 N Franklin St, 7th Floor, Tampa, FL 33602, USA

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Same here. Had a good case and after 5 weeks that I thought they were working on it I called and was told they weren't going to take the case.

THEY NEVER CALLED TO tell me that so it was too late to find someone else.

Probably got a kick back from the hospital to stall it. Pure jerks.


They suck.

Claude R

Maybe you should look into this..They possibly get discounts or have stocks or something with Walt Disney and purposely mislead you to thinking they would help when they knew they wasn't due to their personal/business conflict of interest. Nothing surprises me anymore... Look Into This...Hopefully things worked out for you.

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