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Was assigned an attorney in a workmabs comp case,talked to attorney once in about 8 months,,left at least 3 msgs with office to find out status of case.I never got an answer.I found out that case wasnt filed,,,and after I fired attorney,,,the csse was suddenly filed ,,but attorney wasnt at that time working for me anymore,,seems like an attempt to get a piece of my settlement without doing any work for me.I was contacted by the company that I was sueing,,,didnt know how to handle the phone conversation,as my morgan and morgan attorney was like an absent landlord. FOR THE PEOPLE?

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan And Morgan Legal Service.

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SAME thing happened to my son and I with a car accident, they want insurance companies to settle, if not they refuse to work a case as it seems. Ignored completely by attorneys then they try to muscle you out of money even though they do 0 work on the case. Morgan and Morgan suck at actual litigation.

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