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If I could give them 0 stars I would. My attorney was Joseph A. Linnehan.

I was a passenger in a car accident, this attorney took 3 years to do anything about my case (I had hospital bills & they went into collection due to how long it took which ultimately destroyed my credit) I was 18 years old at the time so I didn’t know much about anything. This attorney took advantage of that fact. In the beginning he convinced me to file a suit (he promised this would make things go a lot faster, which is funny because it took 3 years. Little did I know he was racking up the lawyers fees). He refused to explain things in a way I could understand, so I had my mother contact him to see if she could figure out what exactly was going on with my case. He told her “I already explained it once, I am not going to explain it again” which to me doesn’t seem right...? You should explain it as many times as needed AND in a way the client UNDERSTANDS. I WAS THE CLIENT!!! And I was young so all the lawyers terms didn’t make any sense to me. The person who we were fighting the insurance claim against had committed insurance fraud (used pictures from another accident stating they were from this accident to get money) I explained this to my attorney multiple, multiple times as I had solid PROOF, and yet he did nothing about it. Long story short after 3 long, stressful years & racking up lawyers fees, I ended up settling with $12,500 (I was originally supposed to get $25,000, the person who committed insurance fraud got the other $12,500) which in return I ACTUALLY got $300 and some change. The took the rest for their “lawyers fees”.

In the end they didn’t do their job, took all my money & destroyed my credit. His final words to me were “We have done a great job and earned every dime of our fee. I hope my position on this is clear.”

All I have to say is horrible lawyer, horrible law firm, & horrible experience. I HIGHLY recommend you stay far away from this firm if you would like to have a good, honest, hard-working lawyer that is on your side & not just about getting their pay check.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 12800 University Dr Suite 600, Fort Myers, FL 33907, USA

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For the people ? Fiddlesticks.

They are in this FOR THEMSELVES.

Their advertising states SIZE MATTERS. Yes they have huge overhead and thus take advantage of their clients


morgan and morgan will ruin your case and fry u like a rat!


No really


I totally agree they held our case up 7 years and I end up with 0$ Their lawyers leave faster than leaves on trees in October! Staff is ever changing rotation no one knows nothing! Horrible Law Firm HORRIBLE


Thanks for posting this comment. I am currently represented by Morgan & Morgan for an auto accident (100% fault of the OTHER driver, per police investigation), and I am dealing with almost the exact same situation as you.

I'm not sure how old you are, but I'll just say that I am in the "middle" category of millenials, and the exact same challenges have come up between myself and the Morgan & Morgan attorney (actually the attorney's legal assistant, who has done the majority of the work and communication). I think we are beginning to come into an era where all this past "smoke and mirrors" lawyer marketing that worked phenominally in the earlier years (especially the 90's and early 2000's), is failing. In a generation of people who can look up the exact same penal codes, laws, case laws, etc. that your attorney has access to, the only advantage nowadays of paying out of your *** for a lawyer is IF- and that's a BIG "if" - your lawyer/attorney is somehow "networked into", or "friends with", or "has a deal with" one or more DECISION-MAKING individuals in the arena that you're negotiating in- And that, in and of itself, is the exact opposite of what American values stand for, and what I will fight to protect.

The United States Justice System is a spin-off of Cpt. Kangaroo, and I cannot wait until the "common folk" see clear-as-day evidence in their Twitter/YouTube feeds.

@Brady P Bxs

Hi, I went through a near-identical scenario with Morgan & Morgan as my attorney (Bryce Spano) for a personal injury case when another driver “T-boned” my Jeep and completely destroyed/totaled it in February 2020. It’s unbelievable how inept Morgan & Morgan was (aka my attorney, Bryce Spano, who literally did nothing, and his assistant, Becky Senghaas; both of whom NEVER even once picked up my calls, and only responded to me (Becky was the only respondent, Bryce never spoke to me except when I told him I was going to the FL state Barr to initiate a complaint) via email.

Someone NEEDS to initiate a class action lawsuit on Morgan & Morgan!!

This is unbelievable how many similar horror stories there are, yet nothing ever changes and people continue being screwed out of everything by this group of “legal thugs”. There is NO WAY a judge wouldn’t award a significant amount of money to everyone who’s had their lives ruined because of this law group’s lazy, “cruise control”-type approach to EVERY personal injury case they take!!


I agree with you. I placed a personal injury case with Morgan and Morgan on August,2016.

It is going on its 4th year and I have yet to see any money. The case was finally settled last January, the firm took their fee directly out of the settlement but I am still waiting for my share. I have message and email for paralegal to all/email me with my share of the settlement.

No response from them even today. I am also unhappy about the fact that I haven’t been paid yet.

@Zaxton Ofs

I wish something could be done these big firms They are not what they preach they are! FOR THE PEOPLE .....SHOULD BE .....FOR THE FIRM!


Horrible don't use these jokers , they will rip you off and take all your settlement, 25,000 .I got 300 hundred.


Same situation for me!


Just that I agree.


Morgan and Morgan go getters... I was almost past insurer policy coverage.

The insurance company paid for my bike that when I got ran over on, they paid my chiropractor, and paid me 10,000 cash in less than three months.. Morgan and Morgan about serious injury or Sue...I didn't see for the people during my case.

@Aadyn Umq

Its not for the people, ITS FOR THE MONEY


I hired them for a Social Security Disability case. The attorney I hired could not believe I was turned down.

He was great, however, he was promoted but I was not notified & I got lost in the system. I could not get anyone to call me back until I asked for the complaint department. I was reassigned to another attorney that I finally got to talk to when my court date finally came up after 2 years of waiting. Then she realizes they have reassigned me to a different attorney.

I got to meet my 3rd attorney the day of court. My case was lost. Then I was told I could appeal & was assigned an appeals attorney.

He refused to take my case & told me I could do it myself & I had 60 days. THE ONLY THING THEY DID QUICKLY WAS GET ME THE PAPERWORK TO SIGN THAT THE ATTORNEY WOULD GET PAID.


some things never change


Agree with every comment on here!! Just unprofessional case workers...The facts are true, about lawyere & law firm.. They all lie...


Stay away from this law firm. You will get nothing.


Do not use them.. For the people my *** They are against the people!


All they want is the money and if the case won't get them enough they won't take it!!!!

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