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Received a bill for $9.49 for costs for a case that was finalized 3 years ago. I contacted the firm, left a message & received no response.

I sent a letter asking why we were being billed 3 years later. I received an email response from the firm, with the explanation that I was being contacted via email so I would not incur any additional expenses. Seriously?? If we owed money for any expenses, we should have been billed immediately upon the completion of the case & not years later.

Seems like someone did not do their job correctly & they are trying to bill us now. This law firm must be desperate for money if it takes them 3 years, after a case has been finalized, to bill a client. I contacted a lawyer, not affiliated with Morgan & Morgan about this & he could not believe they are billing us 3 years later & even suggested that a ridiculously low balance like this should have been written off.

I always thought very highly of this law firm & they have always been our top choice when seeking legal assistance. I am confident in saying I will never utilize their services, nor refer them to others.

Morgan And Morgan Cons: Exceptionally late billing.

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