I personally wouldn't recommend Morgan & Morgan as an attorney for anyone I am not the type of person to say things against people but this Law Firm did my son very wrong I have an autistic child that got a job at Wendy's part-time and the manager put him on a grill to clean the top of the vent and grease from the hamburgers they were cooking slid under his feet and he fell and hit the floor that was concrete if he hadn't fell the way he did he would have broke his neck but instead it broke his tailbone the doctor said it's a permanent injury for the rest of his life he can't do things he used to do like lift Bend over without using his knees or even do things that he used to do so I called Morgan & Morgan for help and help is not what we got they had an attorney for him and at first the paralegal was very good she called me every week but then I didn't hear from her for a while and I found out the lawyer quit and I had been assigned a new one for my son they made me get guardianship which even a psychiatrist said I didn't have to have but I got guardianship of him because they made me in order to finish the lawsuit they switched my lawyers about five different times and never gave me notice that they did this and my son ended up getting less than $3,000 for a lifetime injury they said he's too young to operate on it's too risky at his age I feel they did my son very wrong I put a review on here right after this happened and the attorney that he had called me and said she read my review and said she was dropping me and she didn't want to be our attorney anymore I called the main office and they said she can't do that it's an open case I called her back and she said that was a lie she could drop me and my son so I'm stuck with an open workers comp case and no attorney and I have no idea how to handle this these lawyers are horrible and I feel no one deserves to be treated this way and I feel these attorneys are wrong and they did us wrong I don't feel he got the money he deserved but it's not even about the money it's about the fact that the attorneys are supposed to care about their clients and Morgan & Morgan obviously does not

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan And Morgan Legal Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: 360 E 8th Ave #305, Bowling Green, KY 42101, USA

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Sue for malpractice and get the JUSTICE your son DESERVES. Good Luck to you and your son. Some advice go to the community legal service for further advice and put a complaint in with the Pennsylvania BAR Association.


Because from what I'm reading, the attorney seemed inconsiderate and very unprofessional. People have a right to express themselves and should not be a reason to drop a case but instead try to rectify the situation.

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