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8 8 2013 Morgan and Morgan Open a case with me say I have a case of lost wages defamation of character racial slur's etc. Now Morgan and Morgan open my case say is oh yes we have a strong case against the guy who was driving for.

but however the attorney spoke to the rich guy and his attorney spoke to the attorney of Morgan and Morgan who supposed to be representing me with Morgan and Morgan says they are for the people rich guy try to hurt people like us that they have us but after the attorney of Morgan and Morgan spoke to the rich guy and his attorney Morgan and Morgan called me three days four days after the open mic Casey I have a strong case for days after this book to the rich guy and says well John we go to close your case I'm like why were the rich guy and his attorney said you did not drive with them that you don't have any evidence and you are lying you were not driving for meal for him cross town cross-country you don't have any evidence I asked the investigator will go pull up all the flights that I've been taking back and forth that you know cinnamon for me to fly in Jersey to drive all around and look up the flights Morgan and Morgan investigate says this is too much for us too do look up all the flights I have pictures that I'm driving for him oh no we close the case that is what Morgan and Morgan to say assuming we close the case will send the investigator and I have pictures no is over ask Dr. Rich got a rich guy said you didn't drive so you put the represent me you want to take his word you got to do more thorough investigation you going to go on his word and his attorney world and you are supposed to represent me.

what is all of y'all event my understanding is you all went to the same school are you all heading to the same college is Morgan and Morgan city for the people but he for the rich people not the little people tell around TV you'll sit on the same bar you all have same colleges together all of y'all sit on the dinner table together all of you guys Are College roommates basically what you do you sold me out tell me I don't have a case to help your rich friends how many other people you have turned down and told her that said that they don't have a case to help when you're rich lawyer friends many other peoples how many others out there that you all Morgan and Morgan happy to take your legal advice because you lost spoke to one of your friends who supposed to be a client is practice is going to see one of your friends are kind of going to see one of your friends what are you going to say tell the client we have no keys to take your legal advice he have new claim his claimant did not how many others have you all like to be called the person that was getting lawsuit against them they are your friend Morgan and Morgan how many other prejudice how many other people are turned on because you all are prejudice you all are racist got it I will soon with the rich white guy you are a white Caucasian guy I am a black man black man witnesses pictures love you have a date a strong case a really good hundred percent suit lawsuitis Against your white Caucasian friends and am a black man but by your legal advisors and did not get any of my pictures guess what you're told me I don't have no case because the guy that I have a lawsuit with your white friend and I have a strong case and it wouldn't y'all say I don't have any evidence the rich white guy said I'm lying That I did not drive but you all Morgan and Morgan take his word and not my word or any of

my evidence or any pictures. And that you all sold me out

And may have taken money or a bribe to make this case go away and I have not been five years telling me you sold out your prejudice and you all are races if that is not Reese is a prejudice what is it with all the evidence I have y'all would not except after y'all talk to his lawyer and the rich guy but y'all would not take any of my cabinets posted I'm driving if that was sold out boy prejudiced or racist what is explain it to me Morgan and Morgan city stand up no TVs that you Florida people rich *** gas to take a vantage good review about you and your company every day and I got a picture of the show and I need to learn how to edit the video and when I do it often to put them up they're telling me I didn't drive Yolie and took my case y'all ain't no good no good and when I put it put in the bed and I'm driving foot is Richgirl call California y'all look at holy *** you are going to kids holy Hill and I would love to see your company gone from 100 to 0 in 1.1 Second race is no good no good filthy rags

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