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Can I sue if the car lot salesman lied about my car even if it’s sold as is?

I bought a car from a sales person I asked him was the car safe to drive because I have a 1year old plus my wife rides in the car,he told me the car was in good shape and nothing wrong with it but the break lines need to be bleeded so I was riding in it last night and as I was heading home something under the front broke lucky I didn’t have my kid or wife with me. He never told me anything bad was wrong with it so I drove it like a regular car now it’s in front of my place waiting to go to a shop and cost me more money at a time like this PLEASE HELP!!! Need advice.

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Ann McDonald

Your question about suing a sales person is quite specific. You should better consult Morgan And Morgan lawyers directly. You may reach them by phone at 877-906-7509.

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