Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Was going to do business with Morgan and Morgan after reading so many bad reviews. Will take my business elsewhere Shocked

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Morgan and Morgan are the worst of the ambulance chasers!


Same for me.


Good idea because they either won't take the case or ignore you and not return calls or work the case for you but expect payment for 0 work. Don't waste months on these lazy lawyers. They make a bunch of promises but they are not for the people they are all about their bank account only.


I Honestly think their is more to their service , they and other recruit cases by the Hundreds , you sign to fork over 33% in what ever happen in signing to a settlement , this 33% should be ilegal ,other state only settle for 12% ,something very deceitful is on in Florida with these Layers , people only sign for 12% to settle the case ,they want to fight 20% not 40% , or you will regret it , I promise you .


Please do cause it’s sad to see how many thousands people have been screwed

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