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Called Morgan and Morgan and told them of my car [ and me ] being rear ended. I gave them all the pertinent data, and answered all their questions.

They got back to me in approximately 3 hours. It was a clerk that I spoke to. It was not a lawyer, nor would a lawyer speak to me. That is their COMPANY POLICY.

I'm a 100% disabled vet and have physically messed up a pre existing condition.

Why did they negate the case? I'll never know as they say no via a clerk.I asked to speak to a law professional, but that is against their company policy.

Reason of review: Lack of professionalism.

Location: Lakeland, Florida

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Go to a better lawyer Morgan and Morgan pretend to be lawyers but they refuse to litigate cases. My son and I went to them for a rear end collision as well and we signed up with them didn't heat from them for months called endless times.

My son even called John Morgan's voice mail asking why Dan Morgan refused to contact us. The attorney got pissed and dropped him as a client and since I was in the same accident I figured him and were sent to another attorney who isn't afraid to litigate cases in court

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