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I was in a car accident in July 2017 they said they can take my

Case and did. So I didn’t hear from them so I called so I could get set up with therpy for my leg and back I wasn’t able to see the doctors until sept 2017.

Then I called them they never called me for the next steps. So the PT told me it wasn’t nothing else they could do and that I needed to go to orthopedic doctor for my knee. I never could contact the lawyers to start going because they wasn’t answering their phone or returning emails. Finally the orthopedic secretary called and asked me did I still want to come in after I had a referral from December and I got the call in February she stated that she was waiting on paperwork from the the lawyers but then I was ready to close it out and did.

Then I called spoke with the paralegal she stated they were waiting for my hospital bills and was gonna put an offer in that next week. So I called back a few weeks later no answer no emails back. I called all the way from April to July and I also called and complained that I couldn’t contact them.

They gave me the run around then finally spoke with a lady name Tawanna and she got on it only to find out in a vm that morning while on the phone with the complaint department that he couldn’t take my case after a year and they sent me a certified letter. This is very bad business I would never recommend them for no one they’re not for the people they’re only for themselves.

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Morgan and Morgan are the worst ambulance chasers out there and not for the people they are for the Morgans bank accounts ONLY run far and fast from these crooks! Talk about legal thieves.

They were mine and my sons attorney for a rear end collision I got 12 herniated discs from the accident they did NOTHING, we called and called no return calls then my son called John Morgan's voicemail and left a message that we were being ignored/ put off by our attorney another Morgan named Dan, then my son got a certified letter that they were dropping his case to find another lawyer.

So at that time I sent a letter firing Morgan and Morgan hired another attorney and when we got our settlement, Morgan and Morgan actually wanted paid for doing absolutely NOTHING. THESE LAWYERS ARE THIEVES STAY FAR AWAY!!!

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