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(Insurance ) which was right after Hurricane Irma which we had about 30th feet water with the garage which we lost everything we heard it all bouncing down under the garage of course FEMA doesn't use that severe you don't get paid with FEMA and then our homeowners and Company was trying to depreciate which Morgan and Morgan went on Commercial saying that insurance company should not and can not replace or put depreciation on your stuff what is exactly that they did so we we call Morgan & Morgan and we heard from somebody I don't know is about maybe a month or two and then she told me to fax over the paperwork that I have pictures whatever we have is what I did and then I didn't hear from anybody again and we waited and waited and waited now it's 2018 and I still haven't seen or heard from nobody so now I'm a little teed off because we needed our roof fix the insurance was depreciating the cost of the of the shingles and everything we have a 14 pitch house that has a roof like a witches hat nobody would get up there and even look at it we were losing shingles losing a lot and like I said nobody would ever get up there and look at it so you know how are we going to get a picture of it my husband is 65 years old. And it was almost every day it rained and you know we were just praying to God that it wouldn't see into our window into our drywall because we have drywall that's 30 feet and your living room that would have been very hard to take care of but nobody get out there nobody got anything and then one day I'm sitting there and I had an insurance person sitting with me and the guy took this guy comes over and he tells me that his name like he is the lawyer but he wasn't sure he was just a person to come over and look at my roof which he didn't get up there and do like I said nobody wanted to get up there so and where he tells me again to send the paperwork that I have because the girl that was working on it they got she got fired and *** I was like I know you should hire me are the Hat pictures I have all of it and anyway so they of course were dragging their butt so anyways after that he came over and he didn't even get all the way up there but it got partially up there to look at the shingles it was half *** on their part and he asked me what I wanted I said I want my $9,000 for this route and he said okay. After everything's said and done I kept asking him how are you going to get paid he says I will have them pay me and I said okay so it went on for a little while not too long and he comes back says I got a check for you I'm going okay and he says you know he says I got I got this 3,000 for you and he took his pay out of our money not he was taking his pay out of the insurance money and I thought that's what it was happening what was going to happen but now it took over $3,000 off what we want and with the $9,000 that I wanted in the first place and he took the three whatever the $3,000 and our lawyer ended up with over $4,000 and so we got screwed again once again and I didn't get my whole $9,000 asked for it because he took 4,000 off that so we never got a roof done couldn't even for Jaden Smith that are hiring somebody to go up there and do it so anyways it was messed up did not like them send bad review and there you go won't use them again

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan And Morgan Legal Service.

Location: Middleburg, Florida

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Pawan K

Sir.11/06/20 ko 14384/ ki. Transaction ki h Amezon coy ko Sir .isko 12 .month ki EMI me .convert karna h.

Please help me.. Thanku...

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