We were part of the hurricane irma. We got flooded out totally 30 feet of water but that's not what we hired a lawyer for with Morgan & Morgan we hired a lawyer because our homeowners insurance was not paying for our roof.

Our roof got damaged and missing shingles they are dropping every day still until this day. They gave us less than $8,000 we got 3 quotes from roofers one was 13,000 that was the lowest one to fix the roof and our floors are cracked but that was not were worried about. We had seen your commercial on tv saying that it illegal for insurance company to depreciation on our insurance and that is what they did over nine thousand and something dollars so when we hired Glenn Garver he ask what do you want i told him i want my 9,000 back that they deprecated. He said dont worry about that.

Now i originally called Morgan and Morgan not to long after the storm 2017 i waited for a response i finally got one from the legal aid she said form me to fax all the paperwork i had.so we waited some more i just thought maybe we had no case. So now its 2018. And we finaly got response and he said his legal aid the first that i faxed papers to got fired. And asked me to refax papers.

Now this took over two years for him to contact us back then this guy showed up to our house no heads up about who this guy was we thought it was Glenn Garver. Anyway he was sent to look at damage but again he would not get up on roof. whole point of is nobody got up on a roof to look at the damage because our roof is a 12-14 pitch like a witches hat but nobody would get up there and see the missing shingles we needed a half of our roof done that's all we're asking for is half or roof to be fixed on the windward side so I kept asking Glenn Garver how we going to pay you for this and he says you won't he says I will make them pay for it. he asked me what I wanted I said i want my $9,000 back I seen your commercial and said that it was illegal for them to depreciate.

So we got 3 quotes lowest one was 13,000 . We still had the first check of just under 8,000. We could hardly get the shingles for that. I was still worried about payment for lawyer.

Her.made it sound like we would get our 9,000 and then he would get paid from them. But when he got my 9,000 he had taken 4,500 and then chard us to pay for one piece of paper for filed and took another 800 which left us with about 3,000 so that what we got out of our 9,000. We feel like we got screwed again the insurance company got more then us and now the attorney got more than us and still did not have enough to hire a roofer and shingles are still dropping. My husband that is 65 years old said he will have to get up there to fix.

So as far as us we would not recommend Morgan and Morgan very disappointed because we had alot of respect for John Morgan. And now we are in another hurricane season with shingles missing on our roof.

If we would hsve gotten the 9,000 like i thought we would have a half our roof fixed. Snd when it was all done we try to talk to Glenn his reply was THIS CASE IS CLOSED.

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