I hired Morgan and Morgan to help with my disability case. I called my representative on April 19,2019 to see if she had heard anything.

She told me the only thing she got was a letter on the 11th of April, asking if i have had anymore appt. Or seen any other Doctors. She did not call me to ask these queations. In fact she o ly askwd me when i called her on the 19th.

When i asked if she callwd to ask them how the case is going, she said they qohld send a letter. I pretty much had to force her to call. And she left a message. I guess my complaint is, arent you supposex to be fivhting for me.

I havent seen anything being done except for when i do it. If i by chance win this time, what will i be paying you for?

Seems like im doing all the work.

Tammy Coon

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